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June 06, 2014  •  1 Comment

"Deliver Day" Photo Sessions are my favorite time to capture newborns and their families. It is such a magical time for a family. There is still the feeling of awe in the think that this little miracle in your hands was snug in the womb only a few hours ago. Everything about it, your first child or your 5th, is still so new as you explore all their little wrinkles, how their mouth moves, their fingers and toes...almost makes me want to have more babies!!! I said

A few other great things about hospital newborn sessions that I always remind moms of, is that someone is still cooking for you and cleaning your bathroom...even making your bed! All you have to worry about is snuggling with your new baby and enjoying the well wishers that stop by. Sometimes you are still "feeling no pain" as any meds you were given during delivery may still be working their magic! Do you look polished and your baby you do...and it is the "real" you. (And I can blur you a little if that helps). C

Check out my most recent Delivery Day session below and feel free to leave some "love" (comments) for this happy family.

Want to see more? Click below...and don't forget to leave some "love" or comments for this sweet family!


I am usually not one for internet acronyms but OMG I am so excited for these pictures. I love them so far and love that we will have such a great way to remember our first days together. Thank you so much for everything!
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