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May 28, 2014  •  1 Comment

One of the coolest things about my work in photography is the opportunity I am given to capture moments in peoples lives...sometimes everyday moments, sometimes events that don't take place every day. To me, all moments are equally important. When someone chooses me to be their photographer, I truly feel honored to get to be invited into their lives. I realize I am only there for a brief time but in that time, my clients have opened up their "moments" for me to witness them, capture them with my eyes, and most important, tell their story for years to come.

I met Keegan and his family as he was wrapping up his high school football career. I photographed his senior nite was the first time photographing a sporting event from the sidelines for me, up so close that I could feel the ground rumble when the players moved towards where I was standing. I had a whole new perspective on football after this night.  These were just teens, I can remember thinking to myself...still in school, living home with mom and dad, doing homework and then THIS! The work, effort, skill and dedication it took was all I could think about...impressive for sure.

Even more impressive was that Keegan headed off to the Army after graduation, a goal he had in place for many years. When his mom contacted me a short time ago to ask me to join them in welcoming him home for a surprise visit and that the surprise was going to be on him when he was welcomed at the airport gates by friends and family I jumped at the chance. Again, thinking to myself as I got off the phone with his mom, ...he's still a is this possible that he is in the military, learning things we could never imagine, for his love of adventure and to protect the country he was raised in!

So, as I read the posters made for Keegan, observed the anticipation present among his loved ones, saw the airport staff and general public when his plane arrived, I was so moved. You can see in the photos for yourself that this was a pretty special moment to be able to capture for Keegan and his family. Strangers and familiar faces alike shaking his hand, smiling, and proudly welcoming this [still] teenager home from training to serve his country!!! What an honor to witness and present his family with these few photos. Thank you for the sure to thank military personnel you see, their families too on this Memorial Day weekend especially.



Kathy Hauglie(non-registered)
Phenomenal job Jennifer, thank you so much.
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