Good Always Outshines the Bad | Photographer Wilmington NC

November 07, 2019  •  1 Comment

I received a message recently about a family in need of a photographer right away to capture photos of their dog. I often photograph dogs and love incorporating them into sessions for families. However, this call was and urgent one. Thankfully, I had an opening and was given the opportunity to spend an afternoon with an amazing, loving, caring family who wanted to have memories of their beloved "Gracie" as she had just been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. 

What I learned upon my arrival was that Gracie was such a beacon of light, hope and a true example of the unconditional love animals have. Gracie, who is beyond full of grace given her life the survivor of awful abuse via the hands of humans. I won't go into the details of her torture as I would rather let the goodness of her current family and love outshine the darker days that are in the past. All is ask is that you keep your hearts open to animals, the love and joy they can bring, and their absolute dependence on humans to be their voice. They don't ask for much but can give boundless love. 


So beautiful! Breaking my heart and gorgeous. <3
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