A Really Cool Day | BMX Competition | Wilmington NC

August 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So, if you know me, you know my kids do some more adventurous sports than the norm. They have both ridden dirt bikes and competed in both motocross competitions and hare scrambles. Since going to the Nitro Circus show last fall, my son has been additionally hooked on BMX....riding every Sunday at our local skate park...the only day they allow bikes. He goes religiously from 1-8pm and rides pretty much non stop. We all take turns at our house sitting at the park watching as he is too young to leave alone. 

Fast forward to this weekend and here's what we are up to now...a real BMX competition in our own town...organized by two great local BMX guys...Paul Smith and William Moore to benefit Scotty Cranmer, pro BMX rider and X-Games gold medalist. Scotty was severely injured 9 months ago in a bike mishap during practice....suffering brain and spinal cord injuries. Google it to learn more. 

Well, since Scotty is such an inspirational, kind, warm, down-to-earth guy, surrounded by the BEST friends E.V.E.R. guess what? Scotty and his crew traveled to our little skate park in Wilmington NC, The Greenfield Grind, to cheer on the riders. There were other pros who entered the competition too...Rob Darden, Brian Fox, Ryan Cibulski and then the future of BMX including Alex Johann's little boy who rode in the beginner class! 

If all this was not enough, Scotty took a spin...only his third time since his accident...at our park for everyone to witness the amazing recovery he has made so far! I don't know a lot of the details of Scotty's injuries or prognosis but I can tell you this....from watching his You Tube channel with my son and seeing in person the love that surrounds him, the sky is the limit for Scotty. I am so glad my son in interested in this sport...because of this day and all the people we have met so far. 

I captured lots of images from the day. This sport is not for the faint of heart...it is gravity defying, technical, and dangerous and fun...but most of all, it's this....the people like Scotty's friends pictured below who stay with him always, supporting him in the sport they all love. The smile on their faces says it all. 

Click the play button below to see more of the day. For the full gallery of photos, go to my public galleries here on this site and click on 'NYAJC'. You can purchase downloads or prints if you like ....all proceeds will go to Scotty Cranmer/Road2Recovery. 


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