Presley is 9 Months Old | Children's Milestone Photographer Wilmington NC

June 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Any photographer will tell you, there is no greater compliment or honor than to be asked to photograph a child as they grow up in front of your lens! I have had the pleasure of this sweet pea getting in front of my lens for her first 9 months of life and am loving every second of it! There is so much that changes in the first 12-24 months...there are the chronological milestones of 'firsts' but also the subtle changes in children's interactions with others, their little smiles and expressions, the way they hold objects, and even make funny faces! I call these developments 'moments' because it seems that's how fast they come and go when you look back on your chid's life thru photographs that bring back those memories. 
"Moments with Babies and Toddlers" are studio sessions priced and designed to capture just that! Have a peek at Miss Presley's "Moments" sessions. 

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