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Valentine's Super Mini's this year were "Lovey Sessions". Clients were asked to bring their children with their favorite snuggle items, a.k.a their "Lovey". As you will see below, some had a blanket they loved most while others had a stuffed animal. Most items were soft and snuggly but others were more unique. That's was my favorite part of these sessions...hearing some of the stories that came with the chosen item as well as seeing the intensity in which the children reacted with their beloved item.

As a mom, I thought is was so cool to see what my child selected as their most comforting object. In the first few months, we are their obvious choice for what they want in times of need...but as they begin to develop some more independence, the "Lovey" is the one object outside of mom and dad that they seek for comfort and I just think that's really cool....and something to have photo memories of...because eventually, the "lovey" will get hidden away....but it will forever be a part of them. 

Love Seat rental from "Martha My Dear"

Some found the most comfort in Mom or Dads lap and that's just fine because eventually the snuggles and lap sitting fades away too! 

Others loved their siblings most! 

Or their feet! 

Or the camera! LOL! 

We captured it all! 

Want more cuteness? Click the play button below. 


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