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September 18, 2016  •  1 Comment

4 kids, 3 girls, one boy...the youngest two are twins...all under 6 years old! Holy cow does their momma makes it look easy. I know it is not...I broke out in a sweat just trying to take their pix...she had them up, dressed and fed before 10 am! I'd be lucky to get it all done by 10pm...minus loading them in the car to take them for photos!!! 

I love the natural look to these pix...almost like the kids are in their own house...but it's my studio...only natural need to complicate this session. But my youngest subjects were still uneasy and only relaxed and let their personalities show when looking out my big front, out I went...while they stayed inside and their very cooperative older siblings took direction extremely well...another shout out to their momma...well behaved kids.


Dana Hodson(non-registered)
These are the cuties kids, and they have a great mom, and dad. They would be my 3th cousins. Thats crazy !! I live in In. So just getting to see them on facebook is great. They make smile on every pic !
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