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January 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This awesome family made some very special plans for the eve of their sons 11th birthday…the last night of him being 10 years old. It's certainly a milestone, to be completing the first decade of life…and to be doing so surrounded by the love of your family. 

Now this family is known for their over-the-top kindness and generosity to others. They are super cool, laid back, and can often be found at the beach or on a hike. To mark this special evening, the boys got new suits and mom got a new dress with all the 'trimmings'. 

As the boys realized how special this night was going to be and that they were all going to be looking so sharp, they decided to have me meet them before their dinner reservations to surprise mom with a family photo shoot to preserve the memories even more-so. 

It was a super special honor for me to capture this time for them. Not only was I capturing a family and their growing son, I was capturing the woman who helped me reach my own goals as a photographer…this mom is a photographer herself and has been a mentor to me! Check her out at www.danajacksonphotography.com 




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