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September 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

....Ok no need to freak out...just wanted to grab your attention....Don't you just love the clothes that come out for your little ones each season and holiday? Seriously, some of those outfits are beyond precious! 

Here's the problem...hence the "evil" in my headline:

1.The weather here is the southeast in not so friendly for some of those amazing know, flannel, corduroy, even denim on some days. 

2. Despite all reasoning, you buy the adorable outfit, plus the ever-so-impractical but irresistible accessories...for a pretty decent price tag. 

3.You plan to take pix of your little model in them but never get quite what you were hoping know one of those "pinterest-type" photos to send to everyone and post to your social media??!! 


I have been so excited to start offering these...I am calling them 'Super Mini-Sessions". It is a chance for moms with little ones to come by my studio (read, climate controlled), check it out plus get a photo of your child taken by me! It's only $20 to come in and have their photo done and includes one digital image which you will be able to download from an online gallery and use as you wish!  So come's your chance to get a professional photo, check out my studio, and it will cost a fraction of what that outfit probably did! Then you have it preserved forever!!!...(read future yearbook or wedding day photos to share). lol. 



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