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June 04, 2015  •  1 Comment

I have worked at some weddings over the past few years. It is not my full time work...weddings that is...I truly enjoy just capturing people and life. Sometimes I photograph smaller weddings or events on my own...the big weddings I save for wedding pros...and I just work under them in some capacity or another. 

I recently had the opportunity to photograph Ryan and Jennica's wedding. I had never met them, was referred by their officiant, Will Poole, and only knew I was covering a beach side ceremony on a weeknight for a couple from out of town...with guests from across the country and globe! In my mind, a small, simple event. 

When I arrived at the beach house in Carolina Beach, I knew that this was a small wedding as far as guests compared to others I have covered....BUT it was by no means small on love, warmth and family connectedness! Their ceremony was nothing short of personal, touching and moving.... to the point that even though I had just met them, I could see the strength of their bond and their love for each other and I was so bummed I was unable to stick around afterwards to hear the stories of the things they made reference to in their vows....and to sample Ryan's amazing looking and smelling concoctions.   Thank you Jennica and Ryan for entrusting a complete stranger and welcoming me into your day! 

Oh...and fyi...#porfim means "At Last" in Portuguese. 



Joseph Fernandes(non-registered)
A great wedding to remember and cherish for years. Thank you both, Jennica and Ryan, for planning the creative details.
We enjoyed the ceremony, food, fun , dance, laughter. and the company of relatives and friends from UK, California, Louisiana, Ohio, Kentucky and North Carolina.
Loads of Love
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