Clumber Spaniel Rescue Update 3 | Pet Photographer Wilmington NC

February 04, 2015  •  4 Comments

She's all packed up and off to her new family...a family...for! She is going to have a home to call her own...and all that comes with it; love, care, kindness, food, warmth...I could go on and on.

As for Mr. Beau, he is a new man...especially when I caught up with him this week after a morning at the spa...aka...Ali's K9 Clips...the best dog groomer here in Wilmington NC. He is literally "fat and happy". Just wait till you see him...I didn't even recognize him....the bones of his skull are no longer visable...and while I was not able to capture a shot of it on this day, he has a 'booty' and a 'belly' more emaciated rib and spine area!!!

Here they are! Just in time for a little Valentine themed photo session! Imagine what they have been through together...a whole new world awaits them now thanks to Clumber Spaniel Rescue. Ummm...think he's a little proud? Look at that face and positioning!!!! And of course a Clumber "selfie" before they part ways!!! I will miss seeing you Miss Hope...may your adorable Clumber feet take you to new, loving adventures....happy travels sweet girl!


Penny Parker(non-registered)
Goodbye are in your new home and I know having a Grande time..your photos are beautiful if you and Beau.. you have both come a long hat is off to our angel Christy and to your new forever home (owner)...I know you are going to be a princess! Thanks Jennifer for the beautiful pics. Your photography is awesome and much appreciated by us all!! Good Luck Hope. Love, blessings and kisses to you pretty girl!!!
Christy Edwards(non-registered)
Our beautiful Hope made her journey to her new home this am. We had confirmed her home just a couple days ago, when I was talking with a close friend who was making a drive north. Her family was going to come to the Carolinas in late February to pick her up, but we had a ride for her sooner. It all worked out! She will have many days of trying to learn her new surroundings and family. It's hard on them to make another move. It was in her best interest that she go to her new family as soon as she could. May my Hope sleep well tonight and always let her know I miss her.
lisa mayles(non-registered)
jennifer, i could (and will) look at these all day long! in late march, beau is coming to ohio to be part of our loving family! the photos are priceless! thank you for documenting their journey back to life.
Denise Kuhn(non-registered)
Just beautiful ! Miss Hope is leaving soon? The very best to her . She is a sweetie. She needs to be the most special dog in her forever home. Kisses to you Hope .
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