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Birthdays are a big deal...no matter if it is your 1st or your 101st. It is a reason to celebrate, dance and surround yourself with friends and family. I had the opportunity to photograph the birthday of a young man recently. He turned 13. In some cultures and religions, this is a very significant year, marking adult-hood. In many homes, it is the start of the "teens". On this night, he and his family marked the time simply with friends, good music, dancing and smiles.

I hear so  many comments lately about the young people of today being incapable of communicating face to face with those right in front of them; their lack of social skills. I struggle with the balance of it in my own home with a preteen daughter. You think getting your newborn to sleep through the night was hard? Ha....just wait till the "tween" years arrive. 

I spent a few hours in a room full of kids that are in the throws of that awful, mixed up, confusing and exciting roller coaster of maturing. I did not speak to many of the guests but as the photographer, I have that unique opportunity to study the  interactions, facial and body expressions of the guests. I quickly realized I was in the presence of a really great kid!

The young man who this party was for, the guest of honor, was so incredibly mature, social and just had it together! I'm no expert but I spend a lot of time photographing events...events that are open to the public to those held in private homes or clubs. The pure joy in his face as each friend arrived or joined him on the dance floor was infectious. He took time to create a song list, noting the importance of certain songs to various guests and he was sure to join them specifically on the dance floor when these songs came on. He also was sure to get a great big photo of his entire room of guests as well as some smaller groups...such as teammates from the various activities he is involved in.

Way to go 'C'...so glad I got to capture this night for you. Lots of great things are in store for you! I just have that feeling. Click the play button to see lots more!


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