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August 06, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I was recently hired to take photos of this beautiful lady by her parents! They gave her the session as a gift for a milestone birthday that will remain a secret! They advised  her to do it for her own daughter so she will have photos her mom at this stage in her life! I was so excited to hear someone thinking like this.

We have photos of ourselves from major events in life; 1st birthdays, proms, weddings and pregnancy. But then it seems to stop as much of the photographic focus turns to our children, pets, and family...and usually we are the ones taking the photos so we never appear in them!

Have photos taken of yourself for your children to have! I know, I know...the thought of a camera aimed at you purposely is terrifying but think about this... Do you really want the last photo they have of you to be some prom picture? Do you even remember your dates name? Or how about your wedding photos...while beautiful, those 80's "poof" veils are hopefully not making a your kids didn't know you then!

Enjoy these pix and short slideshow of images from this very special session. I know this momma's daughter will love them and treasure them....Dad may like a few too! lol.

Music by Ray LaMantagne "You are the Best Thing"


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