Virginia Tech Alum Reunion at Wrightsville Beach

August 11, 2012  •  1 Comment

This was such a fun evening spent photographing a group of college friends and their growing families as they shared time at Wrightsville beach on vacation. The weather was quite warm and but the beach was super windy at the start of our time together. As many of you know, sand and wind plus little ones makes for a not so nice photo...lots of squinting, tears from whipping sand and hair in the face is usually the result. Fortunately there was a gorgeously lit empty lot that I knew about so I grabbed my rocking chairs off my own front porch at the last minute in case we couldn't get onto the beach due to the wind. I am so glad I did. And by the time I got to spend a little time with each family in our protected little spot, the wind calmed down enough for some fun on the beach for a few shots....and I don't even think there were any tears...all this in under 2 hours...whew!!! What an awesome group....and the dads all helped me load up my car when we were done....thanks guys!!!




Your photos are just wonderful. I enjoy looking at them and I bet they bring a lot of joy to the families because you seem to capturing such carefree expressions.
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