Baby Bums on the Beach | Super Mini's | Photographer Wrightsville Beach

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These were the most fun EVER to capture....its an idea I got last summer after capturing similar shots during individual private sessions. It was such a hit, I decided to try it out as a super mini offering. I had no idea the interest would be so high and I promise to offer more dates next year!!! It was so entertaining to see the babies experience the beach with their "bums" out!!! Some were not so happy, some had to have their parents run in after them...but the joy and freedom many of them let shine was priceless! Enjoy and thanks to the families who gave this first time offering a try...see y'all again next summer. 


Here's some pix and a slide show from Thursday...which was a very overcast evening at the beach with storms offshore. 

And here's some of the images from Friday...which was crazy windy and clear! Don't forget to watch the slide show at the end. 


Clayton | Newborn Baby Boy | Newborn Photographer Wilmington NC

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It has been such a fun summer with all these new baby boys and their AMAZING hair!!!! Each one that has come into the studio lately has been blessed by the hair gods and this little guy is not exception! Love it! 

Click the play button to see more. 

Cook Family | Photographer Wilmington NC

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What do you get when you combine a bunch of 'Cooks', the beach and a photographer? .... fun, fun, fun! 

Click the play button below to see more of this sweet family!!!


My Grandpa and Me | Studio Session | Photographer Wilmington NC

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My little friend is 3 months old and to mark the date, he and his grandfather joined me in the studio for a little session! Adorable. 

Family Beach Photos | Photographer Wrightsville Beach NC

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Love capturing grandparents with all their children and grandchildren! Click the play button to watch the fun.